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What you say in therapy stays in therapy. I will not discuss it with outsiders. State and federal laws require some exceptions to this, to protect your safety and that of the community. I may discuss your case with appropriate outsiders in the following situations:

  • I reasonably suspect child, elder, or dependent adult abuse.
  • You pose a threat to your own safety or the safety of others.
  • You have signed a waiver allowing me to communicate with specific people (such as your physician) about your therapy.
  • A court order requires the release of records.
  • Other, less common instances where disclosure is mandated or permitted by law.

Your right to confidentiality also extends to any time we may cross paths by chance outside of the therapy office. If that happens, it is entirely up to you to decide whether to say hello, and I’ll respect your choice. I may discuss your case, in general terms and without identifying information about you, with professional colleagues for the purposes of consultation and treatment planning. This assures you the highest quality of care.